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bullet imagebullet imageSince it's humble beginnings 30 years ago our Society has been committed to gathering, recording and disseminating information relating to the history & folklore of Roundwood Village (Ireland) and its environs.  This website provides a glimpse of the rich heritage of our local area and the work, events & publication of our Society.....Enjoy!


Committee 2024

Chair: Margaret Malone

Vice Chair: Claire Chambers

Hon Secretary: Marcelo Pacheco

PRO: Jane Pierce

Treasurer: Pauline Heatley

Editor: Therese Hicks


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Our annually produced Journal aims to give the reader a deeper insight to the local history, heritage and traditions of Roundwood.  Whether you are a local or a visitor to the area, we hope that our Journal may help you to appreciate and cherish more our wonderful local heritage.  Indeed, if you are an exile reading it in foreign places, our Journal may even bring you close to home. Current & Back issues of our Journal are listed on the website and can be ordered by contacting us using the email


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Castlekevin Historical Background

Heritage Week Project & Award

At the Annual National Heritage Week Awards, the Roundwood and District Historical and Folklore Society won the County award for the Castlekevin project. This is a great accolade for our society and the professional multidisciplinary research team involved. The preliminary non-invasive archaeological surveys around Castlekevin are revealing some intriguing results. 

Delighted to report that the Society has been awarded 2 Community Monuments Fund grants This is a great achievement for the Society and a follow up of the video made for Heritage Week 2021. Castlekevin is a listed National Monument but is on private land. We are very indebted to the landowners to be allowed access to the site.

Castlekevin has deteriorated greatly in past few years. The larger grant is for preliminary lidar and geophysical surveys of Castlekevin. This has already started as it is imperative to get this done before the vegetation starts growing this year. The surveys are non-invasive and hopefully will show what can viably be saved. The second grant is for a podcast to cover the history, the surveying and hopefully the memories of people.  If you have any memories and/or photos of Castlekevin as you were growing up or the people in the area, please let us know.